Visiting the Friendly and Lively Moscow

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There are hardly any other cities in Europe that can boast the variety in rich contrasts that Moscow boasts. During the individual seasons, the climate in Moscow causes temperatures and weather to be drastically different for each individual season. For this very reason, it’s best to travel based on your personal preferences. Spring, however, is one of the less extreme seasons, making it ideal for most travelers when it comes to both temperatures and weather. During the months of May and June, you can expect pleasant weather and temperatures of 20°C (or around 68°F), with few rainy days and a lot of sunshine to enjoy. For those who prefer the snowier weather, traveling between November and February will be the best choice of months to visit during.

Moscow Metro

Few cities can boast the culture and entertainment values that Moscow offers to those who visit. Visitors can make use of the Moscow Metro, giving them access to the city quickly from many different points of access. The Moscow Metro has impressive architecture throughout its system, making it a sight to behold in its own right, as well as a quick means of transit to over 200 stations throughout the city. The train can be a bit of an adventure, however, due to the signs all being in Cyrillic characters. Network maps, on the other hand, are available in Latin script, but can still often pose an issue for those who can’t read them. Asking for assistance on knowing which stops to get off at is very commonplace for travelers.

Red Square

Some of the places to visit for those looking for some excitement are the Red Square (a central place that combines various styles of architecture found throughout the city in one place, and has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1990), the Pushkin State Music of Fine Arts (boasting a variety of artists such as Peter Paul Rubens, Vincent Van Gogh, and Lucas Cranach, as well as sculptures and relics from various epochs), the Kremlin (one of the oldest parts of Moscow and home to many royals over its history), and the Tsaritsyno Park (one of the more relaxing park areas, just outside of the city center, but perfect one a little relaxation when the city becomes too much).

If you’re interested in a trip to Moscow, it would be best to decide which season you truly want to experience before making your trip. Planning destinations to visit and activities to perform will help you decide which areas of Moscow to visit, and which seasons will be the best time to go.

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